WARL Past Players and Supporters honour Junior Club Person of the Year

Kieran Crowe accepts his award fro WARL Past Players President, John Moore

Kieran Crowe accepts his award fro WARL Past Players President, John Moore

The first inaugural WARL Junior Club Person of the Year was won by Kieran Crowe from Rockingham Sharks RLFC.

Kieran was a deserved winner and was present at the WARL Past Players re-union day to accept his award.

This award is a new initiative introduced and sponsored by the WARL Past Players and in conjunction with the WARL, it is awarded to a junior player who displays an “above and beyond” approach to their local club and rugby league in general.

Kieran not only plays, but also coaches an U-7’s side for Rockingham. He also is a great worker around the club helping out in any way that he could during 2013.

Well Done Kieran! and congratulations to you from ALL of the past players and supporters.

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2013 Hall of Fame Inductees

Congratulations goes to our two 2013 “Hall of Fame inductees, Tony Vickers and Gordon Dixon.

Tony Vickers

Tony Vickers

Gordon Dixon

Gordon Dixon

Tony and Gordon "Hall of Famers"

Tony and Gordon “Hall of Famers”

Deserved inductees Tony and Gordon have contributed to WA Rugby League both on and off the field over many years.

Tony with the Applecross club and at State and WARL board level, Gordon with the South Perth club in both seniors and juniors. Gordon was also a member of the 1973 South Perth 1st grade premiership team that was honoured at this re-union.

Congratulations to both of you on your membership to WA rugby league royalty.

2013 Reunion Day a Great Success

The 2013 WARL Past Players and Supporters Re-union day was a great success with more than 150 attending South Perth’s clubhouse at George Burnett Park.

Members and guests were kept entertained and everybody left with a smile on their face as a day catching up with old mates will do.

events included

  • Talk from the President of the WA Men of League, James “Sully” Sullivan
  • The 1st inaugural WARL Junior Club Person of the Year Award recipient, Kieran Crowe. This award is sponsored by the WARL Past Players
  • South Perth’s 1973 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade premiership winning teams. A record set in 1973 that has never been broken by any WARL club since
  • “HALL of FAME” Inductee’s Gordon Dixon and Tony Vickers
  • WA Men of League Raffle
John Moore - WARL Past Players

John Moore – WARL Past Players President

A few cold ones were had and the Food was sensational! especially Blue Fella’s battered Barramundi. Thanks goes to Dennis, Bruce and the whole team at South Perth for making this function a great success.

Some images from the day.

IMG_8139 Ross White Hall of Fame Reg Fisher Hall of Fame Ray Dorey Hall of Fame Mal Cole Hall of Fame Len Castle Hall of Fame John Osborne Hall of Fame John Moore Hall of Fame John Lister Hall of Fame Ian Carnachan Hall of Fame George Booth Hall of Fame Frank Morgan Hall of Fame Bob McAllister Hall of Fame Bob Granville Hall of Fame IMG_8287 IMG_8286 IMG_8285 IMG_8284 IMG_8283 IMG_8282 IMG_8280 IMG_8279 IMG_8278 IMG_8277 IMG_8276 IMG_8275 IMG_8274 IMG_8273 IMG_8272 IMG_8271 IMG_8270 IMG_8269 IMG_8268 IMG_8267 IMG_8266 IMG_8265 IMG_8264 IMG_8263 IMG_8262 IMG_8261 IMG_8260 IMG_8259

IMG_8257 IMG_8256 IMG_8255 IMG_8254

IMG_8252 IMG_8251 IMG_8250 IMG_8249 IMG_8248 IMG_8247 IMG_8246 IMG_8245 IMG_8244 IMG_8243 IMG_8242 IMG_8241

IMG_8239 IMG_8238 IMG_8237 IMG_8236 IMG_8235 IMG_8234 IMG_8233 IMG_8232 IMG_8229 IMG_8228 IMG_8227 IMG_8226 IMG_8225 IMG_8224 IMG_8223 IMG_8222 IMG_8221 IMG_8220 IMG_8219 IMG_8218 IMG_8217 IMG_8216 IMG_8215 IMG_8214 IMG_8213 IMG_8212 IMG_8211 IMG_8210 IMG_8209 IMG_8208 IMG_8207 IMG_8206 IMG_8205 IMG_8204 IMG_8203 IMG_8202 IMG_8201

IMG_8199 IMG_8198 IMG_8197 IMG_8196 IMG_8195 IMG_8194 IMG_8193 IMG_8192 IMG_8191 IMG_8190

IMG_8188 IMG_8187 IMG_8186 IMG_8185 IMG_8184 IMG_8183 IMG_8182 IMG_8181 IMG_8180 IMG_8178 IMG_8174 IMG_8172 IMG_8171 IMG_8170 IMG_8169 IMG_8168 IMG_8167 IMG_8166 IMG_8165 IMG_8164 IMG_8163 IMG_8162 IMG_8161 IMG_8160 IMG_8159 IMG_8158 IMG_8157 IMG_8156 IMG_8155 IMG_8154 IMG_8153 IMG_8152 IMG_8151 IMG_8150 IMG_8149 IMG_8148 IMG_8147 IMG_8146 IMG_8145 IMG_8144 IMG_8143 IMG_8142 IMG_8141 IMG_8140

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