Vale: John Pope

Vale : John Pope and I quote was “a Brave paratrooper in World War 2, old school, dinkum straight shooter and top bloke” John with his brother Richard (Dickie) Pope played for Cottesloe from 1948 ,where he featured in the first knockout premiership, and he probably was the last of the original Tigers who ran out onto Harvey Field all those years ago. John played front row and he played it tough, he played it mean and was always in trouble with the men in white. Many stories are told of John, most are true, and his exploits on the footy field, and his visits to the tribunal are legendary where it is said he had his own seat. John played first grade at least to 1954 (by our records) and after that he no doubt played the other grades as hard as. In his later years John used to grace the Nash field sideline and his comments were classical , comical and usually brought the house down as the referee tried to keep a straight face. John passed away on the 22 January 2019 still living at Manning Road Mosman Park. May he rest in peace

Rod Fielding


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