RSVP to the WARL Past Players & Supporters re-union

If you haven’t already, could you please RSVP to advise if you will be attending the 2018 WARL Past Players & Supporters Re-union @ Swan Yacht Club on November 3rd from 12pm.

We need to get numbers to advise the SYC for catering and we don’t want you to go away hungry! so please let us know you are coming..

You can contact Drew Lister on 0418 954 536 or or John Thomson on 0458 456 072 or or via our Facebook Event 

Len Castle has also advised that there is extra parking on the western side of the club on the grassed area or on the driveway into John Tonkin Park.. Thanks Len


2 thoughts on “RSVP to the WARL Past Players & Supporters re-union

  1. Hi Drew
    John Moore has probably already advised but I am one of 6 coming across from the East. Graeme Lynch,Peter Doyle, Graeme Jones,Brian Webb,Garry White and Peter Pennell
    Graeme Lynch

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