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Hi All, if you haven’t sent in your RSVP, please do so to help us with our catering

ONLY 3 Weeks to go!!!


Invite all past players and supporters to the 2014 reunion day.

To be held at:

Fremantle Clubrooms,

Ken Allen Field, Jeffrey St. Hilton

On Saturday, 8th November at 12.30pm.


Features of the day will be:

  • The induction of 2 new members of the Hall of Fame.
  • Our celebrity team, who will receive commemorative medals, will be the 1976 Fremantle First Grade Premiership side.
  • A representative from Men of League will give a short talk about this worthy cause.


Door charge of $10 per head to cover finger food

Open bar for drinks purchases.


RSVP: Noel Williams 9447 1437,

Gordon Dixon 9583 4978,


For catering purposes, please RSVP by 15th October.


Looking for Photos – Memorabillia

Hi all WARL Past Players and Supporters,

In an effort to up-date our “Hall of Fame” board with pictures, we are seeking the help of family or friends that may have a photo of the following Hall of Fame recipients.

Some recipients are no longer with us, so we are hoping that family or friends may have a photo of them receiving their award or if not a general picture of them that we can place on our board.

If anyone out there can help by supplying either photos (either old, rugby or current) or contact details of people who may have photos for these great people it would be appreciated.

  • Gwen Allen – Fremantle
  • Alf Shafer – Sth Perth
  • Doug Tonkin – Fremantle
  • Bob Quinlan Snr. – Sth Perth
  • Cam Coutts Snr. – North Beach
  • Ron Hudson – Applecross
  • Jack McKinnon – Mossy-Cot/Applecross
  • Rod Kelly – Applecross
  • Col Kelly – Referee
  • Laurie Harrison – Fremantle
  • Martin Dickhart – Applecross
  • Brian Wedgewood – Fremantle
  • Mal Newey – Belmont
  • Colin Constantine – Applecross
  • Eddie Campbell – North Beach
  • Noel Williams – Fremantle/Mossy-Cot
  • Ross Jones – Mossy-Cot/Sth Perth
  • Brad Dickinson – Willagee
  • Alec Lockley – Fremantle
  • Charlie Burkhardt – Belmont
  • John Warton – referee
  • Peter Murphy – Willagee
  • Isaac Thomas – Sth Perth
  • Bob Sampson – Mossy-Cot
  • Wally Stien – Nth Beach/referee
  • Eric Pascoe – Vic Park
  • Grahame Shaw – Canning

Please send any photos to or bring them down to Fremantle on the re-union day and we will take them for scanning and return them in tack.

In fact – if you have any MEMORABILLIA from days gone past, we would love for you to bring it down to the Past Players Re-union day and share it with everyone attending. I am sure there would be a lot of attention.

Thanking you for all you help in advance