Our new look logo, embraces the “Past” and the “Present”

The Past Player and Supporters are sporting a brand new logo!


Our new logo represents and embraces all of the tradition and core elements of the re-union day concept, combined with the current presence of WARL.

Our new logo is made up of three parts

  1. The Swan –  As the traditional symbol of the WARL Past Players & Supporters adopted at inception of the Re-union day nearly 18 years ago
  2. The shield of the WARL – For the first time and thanks to WARL CEO, John Sackson, we are thankful and proud of the support being shown to the re-union day by the current WARL team.
  3. The “Hall of Fame” – is one of the major events held at each years re-union day and the Past Players committee is proud to announce and honour these legends of Rugby League in WA.

With these three elements combined within the logo, the concept is – The WARL Past Players and Supporters represented by the Swan, is proudly embracing WA Rugby League and the “Hall of Fame”.

We hope you like the new look and would love to hear your feedback, so please leave a comment either on our Home page or on our Facebook page.

A BIG Thanks to Steve and Kim Silvi of World Wide Online Printing in Gosnells for the donation of their graphic designers time in doing this logo. They are great supporters of the Past Players & Supporters Re-Union day and the WA Men of League, so if you or anyone you know needs any type of printing or signage done, Steve or Kim would be only too happy to assist. They can be contacted on 08 9394 0944 or gosnells@worldwide.com.au


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